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 +What do you need to do after installing Redcore Linux?
 +- Familiarize yourself with the start meniu and installed applications by doing a tour to see the already installed applications
 +- Check your internet connection (even if you were connected when you used Redcore LIVE), if you are using a Wi-Fi router you will be prompted for login and password authentication as described in the Connman UI Setup section
 +- Start Sisyphus Gui and **UPGRADE** the system, then do a reboot.
 +- **//Set//** VLC video player in **TvMaxe** as an option in the **preferences** section, and you can have a **TV** with multi-channels in your own computer. You can find TvMaxe under Multimedia section in start menu (Sound and Video)
 +- Install a graphical user interface (GUI) utility for the firewall
 +- Check your browser, after installing. 
 +The default web browser is QUPZILLA, with the search engine DUCK_DUCK_Go, a special search engine that you may be familiar with. 
 +If you want you can install FIREFOX, GOOGLE-CHROME, OPERA or VIVALDI it's up to your personal choice
 +The web browsers can be found in the Internet section from Sisyphus Package Manager
 +It would be advisable to add Ublock Origin extension to your browser of choice 
 +- For a proper camera operation, change VLC settings. In preferences, at the video settings, instead of automatic, setting will be: OpenGL GLX video output (XCB); if you do not set this setting, the camcorder or the image from videos may not work
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