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 +======== About Redcore Linux ========
 +===== Who's behind? =====
 +Redcore Linux was started and is currently developed by **Ghiunhan Mamut** who "​plays"​ multiple roles: full-time maintainer, coder, packager, ISO creator, bug Squasher, and so on .... in a word, that means that he is working alone. He does however accept contributions from anyone regardless of area of interest (website, wiki, bugs, packages etc).
 +**Ghiunhan Mamut** is a regular guy, passionate about technology and especially of GNU / Linux.
 +He has no IT degree, but is self-taught,​ he likes to learn new things and experiment with parameters of a GNU / Linux system. He uses Linux everyday for more than 10 years starting 2006. During this time he used to be a classic distro-hopper,​ and he used many distributions but he never felt completely satisfied by none of them. He used : **Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, Rosa, ArchLinux, Chakra, Slackware** and in the end he settled to **Gentoo** in December 2012, a distribution he fell in love with and never left since.
 +===== What is? =====
 +Redcore Linux is a distribution based on Gentoo Linux (stable + some unstable) and a continuation of, now defunct, Kogaion Linux. Kogaion Linux itself was a distribution based initially on Sabayon Linux, and later on Gentoo Linux and it was developed by RogentOS Development Group since 2011. **Ghiunhan Mamut** himself joined RogentOS Development Group in January 2014.\\
 +However, after more than 5 years of development,​ RogentOS Development Group decided to discontinue Kogaion Linux in November 2016, but **Ghiunhan Mamut** didn't want the project to die, and so Redcore Linux was born.
 +===== Why? =====
 +Redcore Linux shares the same idea as his defunct ancestor, Kogaion Linux : to bring the power of Gentoo Linux to the masses.
 +It aims to be a very quick way to install a pure Gentoo Linux system without spending hours or days compiling from source code, reading documentation etc..
 +To achieve this goal, it provides a repository with prebuilt binary packages which receives continuous updates (rolling release model).
 +===== For who? =====
 +Redcore Linux targets casual Laptop/​Desktop users and, to some extent, Workstation power users. It will nicely fill any gaming, multimedia, office and internet browsing needs. Some development tools are also available.
 +For that reason one cannot expect to find any server application in the repository (apache, lighttpd, mysql, nginx etc.).
 +The repository will always remain small in size, focusing on quality and performance rather than quantity.
 +===== How it's built? =====
 +Redcore Linux is built from Gentoo Linux stage3. We then add a kernel, a bootloader and a few other things like dbus and initramfs generator (Dracut), we configure the init system (OpenRC) and so we have the core of Redcore Linux, a Gentoo Linux stage4 if you will. Deploying this stage4 will give you a very basic console only bootable Gentoo Linux system. We then squashfs this stage4 and use it as a base for everything. [[Vasile|Vasile]] , our swiss army knife makes use of it to compile packages against, and create the ISO images. Easy peasy!
 +===== What's inside? =====
 +Under the hood you will find the following core components :
 +  * Linux kernel LTS with BFQ as default I/O scheduler
 +  * Dracut
 +  * OpenRC
 +  * Eudev
 +  * Elogind
 +  * GCC
 +  * Mesa + LLVM (latest releases...always)
 +  * Xorg server ​
 +  * DKMS
 +  * Cryptsetup
 +  * Calamares installer
 +Redcore Linux supports both BIOS/MBR and EFI/GPT(no Secure-Boot for the moment) installations with or without full disk encryption enabled. Users can setup an encrypted /root, swap and/or /home partitions. Any other encrypted partition layout is not supported by default.
 +On the desktop side, you will find the following components :
 +  * Lxqt
 +  * Sddm
 +  * Libreoffice (WPS Office available in repository)
 +  * Qupzilla Web browser (Firefox, Google-Chrome,​ Opera && Vivaldi available in repository)
 +  * Steam
 +  * Qbittorrent
 +  * Wmail Gmail/​Google Inbox client
 +As of this writing the repository has 1707 packages and is growing. I invite you all to explore and discover the goodies.
 +Thank you for using Redcore Linux! ​
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