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Boot media preparation

Download Live ISO

Go to Redcore Linux download page and download the latest stable ISO image available. We provide cryptographic hashes, so don't forget to check ISO integrity :

  md5sum -c Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso.md5sum
  sha256sum -c Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso.sha256sum

If integrity checks are successfull, you may now proceed to write the ISO image to any removable media you may have : USB drives, SD cards, DVDs. Please remember that Redcore Linux ISO images are about 2.5GB in size, so make sure your removable media is big enough. Writing on a 2GB USB drive is not possible for example.


If you're using a Linux distribution, you have two ways to write the image to removable media : dd and unetbootin.

Using dd :

  dd if=Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M && sync

Where sdX represents your removable media device node. Please be careful and adjust accordingly. Failing to do so may lead to data loss or corruption.

You may also use different tools like Rosa Image Writer, Suse Image Writer, Etcher, pretty much any tool that writes in dd mode should work.

Using unetbootin

* Format the device as FAT32 and set the label to “REDCORE” (mandatory in large type). Also set the FLAG to “boot” and “LBA”;

* Start the unetbootin application:

* Choose the Redcore Linux ISO image you want to write:

* Check if USB drive was written properly;


If you're using a Windows system, Rufus can properly write a Redcore Linux ISO to any USB drive. Rufus can be downloaded from:

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