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 ===== Download Live ISO ===== ===== Download Live ISO =====
 +Go to [[|Redcore Linux download page]] and download the latest stable ISO image available. We provide cryptographic hashes, so don't forget to check ISO integrity :
 +    md5sum -c Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso.md5sum
 +    sha256sum -c Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso.sha256sum
 +If integrity checks are successfull, you may now proceed to write the ISO image to any removable media you may have : USB drives, SD cards, DVDs. Please remember that Redcore Linux ISO images are about 2.5GB in size, so make sure your removable media is big enough. Writing on a 2GB USB drive is not possible for example.
 ===== Linux ===== ===== Linux =====
-If you  want to create LIVE bootable USB stick  with Redcore Linux, you need a device that has enough space for Redcore image transfer (whose size is around 2.5 GB);+If you're using a Linux distribution, you have two ways to write the image to removable media : **dd** and **unetbootin**. 
 +**Using dd** : 
 +    dd if=Redcore.Linux.1801.LXQT.amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M && sync 
 +Where **sdX** represents your removable media device node. Please be careful and adjust accordingly. Failing to do so may lead to data loss or corruption.
-for transferring of the image on the stick, you can use several applicationsbut we recommend UNetbootin for those who use Linux and Rufus for others;+You may also use different tools like **Rosa Image Writer****Suse Image Writer**, **Etcher**, pretty much any tool that writes in **dd** mode should work.
-**steps to follow:**+**Using unetbootin**
-FAT32 formatting device and writing the word "REDCORE" (mandatory in large type) to the LABEL and set the FLAG to "boot" and "LBA";{{ :format.png?600 |}}+* Format the device as FAT32 and set the label to  "REDCORE" (mandatory in large type). Also set the FLAG to "boot" and "LBA"; 
 +{{ :format.png?600 |}} 
 +* Start the unetbootin application: 
 +{{ :unet1.png?350 |}}
-* Redcore image download using the link on the main page, section Download;{{ :down.png?600 |}}{{ :downl.png?600 |}} +Choose the Redcore Linux ISO image you want to write:  
-      * Starting with the image which you want to transfer on the stick; +{{ :unet.png |}}
-       {{ :unet1.png?350 |}} +
-      * Choosing the ISO image in the folder (directory) where you saved the downloaded file {{ :unet.png |}}+
-        Summary checking the integrity of the device image;{{ :stick.png |}}+Check if USB drive was written properly; 
 +{{ :stick.png |}}
 ===== Windows ===== ===== Windows =====
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