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What do you need to do after installing Redcore Linux?

- Familiarize yourself with the start meniu and installed applications by doing a tour to see the already installed applications

- Check your internet connection (even if you were connected when you used Redcore LIVE), if you are using a Wi-Fi router you will be prompted for login and password authentication as described in the Connman UI Setup section

- Start Sisyphus Gui and UPGRADE the system, then do a reboot.

- Set VLC video player in TvMaxe as an option in the preferences section, and you can have a TV with multi-channels in your own computer. You can find TvMaxe under Multimedia section in start menu (Sound and Video)

- Install a graphical user interface (GUI) utility for the firewall

- Check your browser, after installing. The default web browser is QUPZILLA, with the search engine DUCK_DUCK_Go, a special search engine that you may be familiar with. If you want you can install FIREFOX, GOOGLE-CHROME, OPERA or VIVALDI it's up to your personal choice The web browsers can be found in the Internet section from Sisyphus Package Manager It would be advisable to add Ublock Origin extension to your browser of choice

- For a proper camera operation, change VLC settings. In preferences, at the video settings, instead of automatic, setting will be: OpenGL GLX video output (XCB); if you do not set this setting, the camcorder or the image from videos may not work

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