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USB Stick

If you want to create a LIVE bootable USB stick with Redcore Linux, you need a device that has enough space for Redcore image transfer (whose size is around 1.5 GB);

for transferring of the image on the stick, you can use several applications, but we recommend UNetbootin for those who use Linux and Rufus for others;

steps to follow:

FAT32 formatting device and writing the word “REDCORE” (mandatory in large type) to the LABEL and set the FLAG to “boot” and “LBA”;

* Redcore image download using the link on the main page, section Download;

  • Starting with the image which you want to transfer on the stick;

  • Choosing the ISO image in the folder (directory) where you saved the downloaded file
  • Summary checking the integrity of the device image;

Rufus can be downloaded from:

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