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While Redcore Linux defaults to the open source x11-drivers/nouveau, it does provide two versions of the proprietary graphics driver for NVIDIA graphic cards : x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers && x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-legacy. Depending on the age of your card, you can install one or the other, as they cannot coexist on the same system.


The x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers package supports the most recent cards, and it should be your first choice if you have such a card.

Using sisyphus CLI:

root # sisyphus install --ebuild nvidia-drivers

These are the binary packages that would be merged, in order:


Total: 1 binary package(s)

These are the source packages that would be merged, in order:

acct-group/video-0-r1  sys-kernel/nvidia-drivers-dkms-460.67  x11-misc/nvidia-settings-460.67  x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-460.67

Total: 4 source package(s)

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